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Working with Balasz was a pleasure, I was always able to communicate with him very easily. He is always willing to help, provide proper solutions and his experience so far is visible by everyone.
He is getting involved in the entire project, thinking on the integrations and always taking into consideration the risks.
Very valuable to have around.

Alupoaie Alecsandru

senior sofware developer, Nordcloud

I’m happy to recommend Balázs as a highly skilled engineer. We had the opportunity to work together on a project utilizing .NET development with Azure resources such as Durable Functions, Cosmos DB and Service Bus. He has a strong understanding of technologies and can quickly grasp complex concepts. This translates into efficient and scalable solutions for any project.
Beyond his technical proficiency, Balázs is a fantastic team player. He’s always willing to help others and share his knowledge, making him a valuable asset in any collaborative environment.

Nouman Zakir

senior sofware developer, Nordcloud

Balázs is a highly skilled, proactive software engineer. Keen to tackle the most difficult of requirements; dependable both technically and business-wise. Manifests an advanced attention to detail, while being pragmatic, thus always delivering well designed solutions swiftly.

Rares Bradea

senior sofware developer, Nordcloud

Balazs is an integral part of our development team, and I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with him. His passion for programming and commitment to excellence are evident in every task he undertakes. Balazs not only brings technical expertise to the table but also fosters a collaborative work environment by actively sharing his knowledge and offering assistance to team members. His strong work ethic, coupled with his ability to adapt to new technologies seamlessly, makes him a valuable asset to any organization. It’s truly a pleasure to work with Balazs, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a skilled and dedicated programmer

Karol Andraszek

senior sofware developer, Nordcloud

Balazs has certainly progressed through the ranks on our project, gaining lots of respect from fellow developers and the management. The team has chosen him as their dev lead which says a lot about his skillset, attitude to hard work and determination.

Balazs is not afraid of picking up the most difficult problems that need solving, which on the project we’ve both worked on were plentiful. He’s very diligent when troubleshooting problems, always providing insightful and informative feedback that you can rely on. He’d always provide performant solutions both in C# and Azure Serverless implementations.

When it comes to C# development, team leading, mentoring and Azure Serverless implementations Balazs is the person to have on your side, always.

Marcin Narloch

senior cloud architect, Nordcloud

I am happy to recommend Balázs as an outstanding .NET Engineer. During our collaboration on a complex cloud migration project, Balázs showcased remarkable expertise in Azure and .NET, crafting scalable and efficient solutions. His strategic thinking, attention to detail, and clear communication stood out throughout the project. I am confident that Balázs would be a tremendous asset to any team seeking a skilled professional.

Maciej Wanat

senior sofware developer, Nordcloud

I had the pleasure of working with Balasz on a cloud transformation / modernistation project, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional developer with a rare blend of technical expertise, creativity, and dedication.

Balasz consistently impressed me with his ability to tackle complex problems and support best practice working. His technical proficiency enables him to adapt swiftly to any project requirement and deliver high quality code within tight deadlines.

What sets Balasz apart is not just his technical skills, but also his strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. Beyond his technical capabilities, Balasz is a reliable and trustworthy individual who is committed to delivering results. He consistently demonstrated initiative and took ownership of his work, often going above and beyond to ensure project success.

Nick Marshall

quality assurance lead, Nordcloud

I had the privilege of collaborating closely with Balazs on a complex project within the banking industry, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any software development role. Balazs consistently demonstrated exceptional technical proficiency, adaptability, and a strong commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

In summary, Balazs is not only a proficient .NET developer but also a collaborative team player who elevates the entire development process. His dedication, technical acumen, and problem-solving abilities make him an outstanding professional.

Feel free to connect with Balazs on LinkedIn to explore potential collaborations—you won’t be disappointed!

Jakub Wycinka

senior sofware developer, Nordcloud

Balazs is a talented .NET Software designer and developer who will add real value to your next project. His efforts will increase your project’s adherence to its requirements, providing clean and maintainable software solutions.

Eric Snyder

system & business analyst, Nordcloud

I had the pleasure of working alongside Balazs on a pivotal cloud modernization project for the UK’s largest check processor. This venture demanded technical acumen and a steadfast commitment to innovation and problem-solving. Balazs stood out as an invaluable asset to our team throughout this journey, demonstrating an exceptional blend of skill, dedication, and transparency.

As a software developer, Balazs’s proficiency in .NET and Azure technologies was evident in the robust and scalable solutions he engineered. His technical expertise was crucial in navigating the complexities of cloud infrastructure, ensuring our project was not only on the cutting edge of technology but also resilient and efficient.

However, what sets Balazs apart is his unwavering commitment to transparency and honesty. He consistently approached challenges with a candid perspective, ensuring that the team was always aligned with the realities of our project’s status and objectives. This openness fostered a culture of trust and collaboration, enabling us to tackle obstacles more effectively and innovate confidently. He is also willing to take the initiative and go the extra mile.

Balazs is someone you can count on to deliver excellence, inspire collaboration, and drive forward innovation.

Marius Stănescu

senior cloud architect, Nordcloud

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Balazs for over a year on building a banking cheque processing application, where he has been an invaluable asset to our cloud engineering team. From coding to cloud infrastructure to automating deployments, Balazs’ skills and dedication have been nothing short of exemplary.

Balazs is not just a skilled cloud engineer; He is a tech visionary who consistently looks for innovative solutions to complex problems. One of his notable contributions was developing solid modular code, where his innovative approach and tireless work ethic led to performant and high-quality code.

I am confident that Balazs will bring the same level of expertise, dedication, and innovation to any organization fortunate enough to have him on board. I strongly recommend Balazs to any team looking to harness the power of cloud computing to elevate their projects and achieve their business objectives.

George Hotca

senior sofware developer, Nordcloud

I’ve been working with Balázs for almost 2 years on a complex Azure + .NET fintech project. He has excellent technical skills and abilities in Azure Cloud and .NET tech. Never shies from dealing with any task and is always on the frontline when complex development scenarios arise. Balázs is the current team lead and demonstrates great attention to the team’s needs and excellent communication skills with everyone from the team or with client representatives. I recommend Balázs for any project requiring an Azure + .NET professional.

Ovidiu Costea

senior software developer, Nordcloud

I had the pleasure of working closely with Balázs for nearly two years, during which he served as our team lead and demonstrated exceptional skills as a .NET Azure Senior Developer. He’s smart, quick with solutions, and doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. Balázs knows his stuff inside out and is always willing to help the team. It was great working together and I highly recommend him as a reliable and knowledgeable team player in the .NET Azure space. I’d jump at the chance to collaborate with him on future projects.

Raluca Miclea

senior software developer, Nordcloud

I had the chance to work with Balázs on several projects. He is a consistent and competent developer and it has been a pleasure working with him on both of our previous assignments. The fact that he managed to become a Team Leader during our latest job for Nord Cloud streghtens this point even further. Along with deep technical knowledge, he proved to have very good soft skills in managing our own team, but also enabling collaboration with other teams and the client itself.

Cristian Baciu Wahl

senior software developer, Nordcloud

It is great pleasure to work with you Balazs. You are an invaluable member of our re-engineering team possessing the want to excel attitude with expertise in Azure .net that is critical to the successes in our cloud migration project. You consistently demonstrate exceptional technical skills and attention to detail, ensuring us to deliver solutions to complex problems we face. You have proved ability to grow from sprint to sprint and tackle any challenges we face and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our joint successes. We still have some work ahead of us, but soon we can hopefully raise a toast to successful completion of the program. For any future assignments though, I would highly recommend Balazs to anyone in need of an experienced, senior Azure .net developer with exceptional technical and complex problem-solving skills.

Miia Tanskanen

program and project manager, Nordcloud

I had the pleasure to work with Balazs on the project and it was a great experience. Balazs is a skilled developer and a committed team lead who leads his team with naturalness and great enthusiasm. Balazs is an ambitious professional who cares about every detail in the project in which he is involved. His creativity combined with extensive experience and independence allowed him to run a high-quality project. During our cooperation he proved to be an excellent programmer efficiently using the latest technologies and as a person for whom problems in the project do not exist.

I give Balazs my best recommendations!

Ewelina Wielemborek

scrum Master / agile coach, Nordcloud

It was very nice and productive to work with Balazs. His high coding skills and determination to perform his tasks made him a very valuable colleague. Always welcome to work together again!

Lucian Palcu

senior software developer, GroupVery

It’s rare that I have the chance to work with talents like Balazs.

His tech experience and social abilities, helped the team to deliver fast, reliable and quality solutions to our collaborators.

Inside joke: When you want to finish that fence, just let me know! Our company door is always open for you.

#GOforMilobiz #GOforBalazs

Catalin Galescu

project manager, GroupVery

It was my pleasure working with Balázs. He is a very positive and hardworking person always ready to help others. You can always count on him to get the job done.

Branko CoriliC

senior software developer, GiG

Balazs is both skilled and hard working, always looking for ways to improve code performance and quality. Also, he is passionate about learning new technologies and an inspiration to us all. Working together is always fun and productive.

Cristiana Bacila

senior software developer, Avaelgo

It is my pleasure to recommend Balazs as software developer, a great colleague, a skillful communicator, willing to learn and write better and cleaner code, willing to help others, to enhance himself, the project and the team. We, as a team, had the privilege of having Balazs with us, a visionary person that could inspire and bring interesting ideas to our highly complex project.

Bogdan Bora

senior software developer, Avaelgo

It was my pleasure working with Balázs. He was eager to improve his coding skills day by day.

David Grecu

quality assurance, Qubiz

It’s always a pleasure working with Balázs. He’s a quick thinker with great communication skills and a strong work ethic. He always does a great job, looks for improvements, and brings fun to the meetings.

Noemi Bokor

UI/UX designer, Avaelgo

I had the pleasure to work with Balazs and I can say that I have knew him as a highly skilled, very passionate developer who is eager to come out with solutions to each challenge he meet. I can also describe him as a fast and continuous learner, super tendentious who constantly challenges himself. It was a great time working with him, I can warmly recommend him.

Gyozo Balla

senior software developer, Avaelgo

Working with Balazs in the past year has been a pleasant experience. Balazs takes his work very seriously, has solid problem solving and technical skills. He is detailed oriented and passionate about coding. Understanding the value of testing, Balazs is always double checking his code to ensure top quality deliverable and fewer bugs. He is also very easygoing, a team player, always willing to help, give an advice or offer an opinion. He can be a great asset to any team.

Roxana Popovici

project manager, InSites Consulting

Great professional to work with. You can always count on him to get the job done. Genuine funny guy, which is a pleasure to work with.

Florin Pascu

senior software developer, Qubiz

Balázs is passionate about development especially towards front-end technologies, eager to learn new things and has an eye for details.

Adriana Cioica

senior software developer, Qubiz

I know him from the beginning of his career as a focused and detail oriented person. He is a quick learner and understands well the project needs. It is easy to work with him as he has a positive attitude. The number of his certificates demonstrate his passion about programing, validates his knowledge.

Istvan Beres

senior software developer, Avaelgo

Balazs has excellent front-end skills. He is a fast learner and adapts really well to new concepts and new architectures. Besides his technical skills he also brings with him a great atmosphere and creates a friendly work environment which feels great.

Paul Lucaciu

software developer, Qubiz

Balazs has an inclination towards front end (FE) technologies. He is passionate, adaptable and a quick learner in regards with new FE technologies. He is a team player with good communication skills and very proactive.

Adrian Sevan

senior software developer, Qubiz

Empowering the team with special communication skills, tons of energy, intuition and a deep human perspective and anticipation of how people should benefit from a great solution. Professional and positive attitude, agile developer and loyal teammate… Life CAN be magic while working. Few things that describe my friend.

Ioana Tataran

account manager, Avaelgo

It was a pleasure to work with Balázs. He is dependable, focused on problem-solving and a great team-player. He always made sure to come up with improvement suggestions and collaborate with the QA team to deliver outstanding quality. His sense of humor and friendliness contributed to a fun work environment.

Denia Dobras

quality assurance, InSites Consulting

I’ve worked with Balazs on several projects. He was always eager to learn something new. It was very easy to collaborate with him, very communicative – always trying to focus on the client problems and to solve them.

Dan Sovrea

senior software architect, Qubiz

Worked a few years with Balázs at Qubiz. He is creative, attentive to detail, and consistent in meeting deadlines. Is pleasant to work with him, understands the project needs, is funny, very easy to communicate with him. Always willing to learn, accepts and fulfill every challenge.

Istvan Kovacs

senior software developer, Qubiz

A great team player with very good software knowledge. Chances are he is even better now than he was so many years ago. Also great humor, he can surely bring fun moments to the team with his magic (the legends say that sometimes, the bugs just disappear in his magic hat).

Marius Soos

senior fronted developer, Qubiz

Balázs was a hard-working, dedicated, and responsible colleague, we worked on a WMS management system project. He is very attentive to details and collaborates well with the QA team to have good quality delivered.

Daiana Nagy

quality assurance, Qubiz

I’ve been working with Balazs for a couple of years now and I can honestly say that his skills are, no matter if the challenges on a daily basis involve development, testing or management, a valuable asset to both the team and company.

What I like about Balazs is that he puts true passion in what he does, targeting higher than expected value.

He integrates quickly and adapts to every team, is always eager to learn new things, constantly improving skills and confronts matters professionally.

Ionel Roman

senior software developer, Avaelgo

I have collaborated with Balazs on a warehouse management system for more than one year. He has excellent technical skills, especially in front-end development. He always had a good eye for styling and attention to details. I know him as a person with an open attitude and who is eager to learn.

Tibor Nagy

senior software architect, Qubiz

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