I challenged myself this year: let’s create a great online course.

After much investigation and hard work, I published my first online course: Regular Expression Fundamentals. Well, it was a great and quite a long journey. When I started preparing myself, I did not think it would take much time.

I’ve been using Regular Expressions from the beginning of my career. So I thought it would be great to create a course about it. I did everything by myself: editing the videos, making the pictures and diagrams, and of course, all the content and narration.

Ohh, and of course, a lot of investigation, fact checks, testing, reading, etc. – so many late nights.

After I did everything, I reviewed it several times – I had to fix a few minor issues and recompile those lectures. Then I had to create the Udemy business account – the descriptions, the landing page, etc.

I wasted almost a month because of the payment methods – I don’t know why but one of the Udemy partners did not want to verify my company – I just waited and complained to them in every possible way (they are saying it takes a maximum of three days to verify an account and somehow this is an exception). I’m at 25+ days, but still, the status is under review…but at the end, I solved it without that partner (Payoneer – I’m talking about you!!! – with PayPal, it was straightforward.)

And now, it’s published! Yuheeee! I’m happy about it! I learned a lot through this journey. My next course (I will probably do more) will be way better and easier. I’m mean – I hope.

So, if you want to learn about Regex – I highly recommend my course. You can find it here.

…I’m just happy at the moment.

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