I wanted to learn something NEW but still “familiar”.

For almost four years, I worked nearly 95% on the backend with C#, .NET, and Azure. Before that, I worked quite a lot on the Front-End with Angular. And I liked it! So I challenged myself again, let’s go back to the Front-End in my free time.

I did not want to return to Angular because it would be too simple. So, I choose React. I created quite a great and complex React project.

For the backend, I have PHP! Why? Cause, again, I wanted something interesting to try out. You can be a better developer if you can work and adapt quickly to other new programming languages, too. I used PHP quite a lot in high school – and it was fun. I’m not an expert in PHP, but I have some tricks under my sleeve with it.

So, in this project, I solved quite a lot of interesting problems:

    • mobile-friendliness 100%;
    • deployment with 0-second downtime;
    • language selection, and most importantly, every language has its own unique translated URLs, and you can create dynamically new pages, of course, all translated;
    • gallery, slideshow, carousel, cards, fonts, icons, etc. usage;
    • content, image, and language upload/change/modification from an admin interface;
    • creation of new pages dynamically for every language separately, with a default language fallback;
    • 100% meta optimization for the search engines and social media;
    • forms with client and server-side validations;
    • lazyloading and smart content loading for a speedy website loading experience;
    • accessibility-compliant website;

This list can go on and on with more details.

How did I learn React + all the supporting technologies (PHP, webpack, scss, javascript, typescript, etc.). I have already used some of these in other projects. Plus, if you are a senior developer – the key concepts are the same for every programming language (at least for those I know). Besides this, I also used ChatGPT, Stackoverflow, and other websites to learn React.

Also, when I started to work on it, I contacted a friend who is a Senior React developer – we scheduled a call, and he explained the fundamental concepts of React. It was constructive and fantastic.

I am happy because, with this new knowledge, I can be more valuable and helpful to my future clients. React or Angular, here I go! Of course, if your project uses Vue or any other Front-End library or framework, I don’t have any issues learning and mastering it.

Learning something and mastering it – it’s fun!

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