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Freelance Sucks:

In this episode, I’m sharing what I find the most challenging about freelancing: 

  • Not having a work-life balance (do I even need it? ?).
  • Annoying messages with no budget included from recruiters.
  • Working with legacy bugs you need to fix.
  • Etc.


Spotify Podcasts–Ep–31-with-Balazs-Beres-e29aicd



Freelance Thrive:

We talked about the process of planning and launching a course on Udemy, in particular:

  • How to be motivated by a desire for personal growth.
  • What is the first step for creating a course, and what happens next?
  • How to estimate the time you’ll spend and choose tools you’ll need.
  • Etc.


Spotify Podcasts–31-with-Balazs-Beres-e29aiei


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