One of my architect friends suggested this book to me. He should have recommended it sooner.

The book Cloud Architecture Patterns by Bill Wilder explains the Cloud so simply that it’s one of the best introductory books in this field. But still, it gives you comprehensive fundamentals and tips and tricks.

I regret not reading it before I took my 2 Azure certificates (Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate). It would have been way easier. So, if you are planning your journey with the Cloud, this is the book where you should start.

This book focuses on Azure but also mentions other cloud services. Also, it’s important to note that even though it’s more about Azure, these cloud services are similar in terms of services. So, even if you want to use AWS or Google Cloud, etc., I still recommend this book.

You can learn about architectural patterns in this book: Scalability, Eventual consistency, Multitenancy, and Network latency. It’s also worth mentioning that the author uses all the presented solutions and patterns in an example project throughout the book.

Conclusion: this book is a great starting point for those who want to understand cloud architecture – the concepts and patterns.

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