I just renewed one of my certificates again.

I have several certificates related to programming or project management. (You can check it here.) Most of them are a one-time deal: I’m learning for the exam, passing it, and happy about it. But there are other exams that I need to renew every year. In this way, for example, Microsoft confirms that I still know that subject.

I just renewed the second time my Azure Developer Associate certification. I’ve been using Azure for quite a long time, but it has some parts I don’t use daily. So with these exams, I’m constantly refreshing my memory about all the services and solutions that Azure can provide.

This renewal process is helpful, but I will be honest: if I’m not using this technology, I will forget it. Luckily it’s not the case. I’m currently implementing a cloud-native system using the latest technologies from Azure.

I believe that the one-time certificates or even these renewal certificates serve only one purpose: a demonstration that I can learn about new technologies. I’m keeping up with technological trends and willing to adopt the right solution for the projects based on the lessons I learned from these certificate materials. I expanded my horizons – and that’s great.

In conclusion, it demonstrates to my future clients that I can help them. Besides this, it’s a great validation for me too.

P.S.: There are a lot of programs and technologies that I master where there are no certificates. In this case, I can’t demonstrate with a certificate that I know that. And what about all the soft skills? So this means that if somebody has a diploma in an area, that does not mean he knows only that thing.

P.P.S.: So let me surprise you with all my extra/different skills?!

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